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Maybe you know the top 3 or even the top 5 social networking sites, but do you know what’s happening behind them?

We have compiled a list of top 15 most popular social networking worldwide. The findings are based on latest original research which. New social media sites are coming and going but these have stood the test of time. We update this list of social media sites with new data as it becomes available. The data in this list combines global and US social media visitors. The actual numbers of monthly visitors are gathered from different sites. We bring you the latest data out there.

  • Instagram announces 700 million users in their blog post.
  • Twitter has updated its active user numbers over a long time to 328 million
  • Pinterest monthly active users have increased by 25 million to 175 million
  • VK reached 95 million monthly active users
  • Reddit adds 16 million users and displays 250 million users on website.

Find the full data and graphs below.

Top Social Networking Sites

Facebook jumped by 60 million monthly active users from 1.94 billion in march 2017 to 2.01 billion as of June 30, 2017. The rate of growth seems to continue at 20 million active users per month. So, by the end of the year we should see 2.1 billion Facebook monthly active users.

Here’s the graph of top 15 social networking sites in the world. As you can see Facebook is leading the pack with a huge margin in front of Youtube. Then there’s another gap of similar size to Instagram on the third place.

15 Most Popular Networking Sites

Active Users per Month

Monthly Active Users










Visual size comparison

Again, on this graph you can see the three large circles dominating the rest. Only Twitter and Reddit battling it out for the fourth space seem to come close to the top 3. However, in Russia VK has a huge penetration, dominating the Russian speaking world as Facebook does globally.


Visual Size Comparison (not that size!)










World Map of Social Networks 2017

Take a look at the visualization showing the most popular social networks around the world. The world map of social networks 2017 is based on recent traffic data (January 2017).

World Map of Social Networks








And wait, we havyoutube-logoe news for you! There is some indication that a new social network might take the top spot. YouTube might be taking over Facebook in unique monthly visitors:

YouTube – 2 – Compete Rank | 2 – Alexa Rank
Facebook – 3 – Compete Rank | 3 – Alexa Rank

If you want to find out more about how powerful video is predicted to become, check out this infographic!

Future of Video Inforgraphic




Top Social Networking Apps

With the growing popularity of mobile social networking, we have also created a list of 10 leading social apps globally. These apps are in fierce competition with the main social sites already! The picture here is a bit different if we look at the brand names. WhatsApp and Messenger are in a close race for the top spot. But both of theses most popular social media apps are owned by Facebook so the competition may not be as fierce as between completely separate companies. Then there’s a lot of Asian apps and then on the sixth spot is Instagram, again owned by Facebook.

Top 10 Social Networking Apps




  • WhatsApp added another 100 million monthly active users reaching 1.3 billion and leaving Facebook
  • Messenger behind with 1.2 billion monthly active users. Both of these mobile platforms are owned by Facebook.WeChat took the 3rd position as it passed QQ with more than 70 million monthly active users as QQ continues to slide

Active Users per Month for Social Networking Apps

Active Monthly Users for Social Networking Apps



Social networking apps are going to grow even bigger as people adopt them into their everyday lives. Here we have listed the mobile-first social media platforms. But the Facebook mobile app would dominate this list with 1.2+ billion monthly active users. As smartphones’ adoption continues, the share of the desktop use of social media platforms will fall .

For list of social media apps that are smaller check List of virtual communities with more than 100 million active users from Wikipedia.





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