Our client, Andre Felix, is a man filled with a passion, overflowing with enthusiasm and alive with a lust for life! As a photographer, he has experienced the length and breadth of humanity from the United Kingdom where he was born and raised to North America where he currently resides and to continents as immense as Africa and islands as small as Fiji.

His work has taken him to sandy beaches, dark jungles, the urban decay of Los Angeles, the Colorado Rockies, to the seamy underbelly of the West Coast music scene and all points in between. If it’s beautiful, terrifying, sultry, loud, expansive, sweaty, fashionable or just alive; Andre has taken a photograph of it.

Behind every photograph he has taken, there is a story. Not just the lighting for the shot, the camera he used, the length of the exposure of the speed at which the picture was taken. The enormity of humanity, the social interaction, the humor, the angst and everything else that comprises a photo shoot is brought to life in Andre’s “Behind the Picture” video series.

Thanks Andre for providing us with this photographers eye view of what goes on behind the scenes!


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