André Felix, is a Adobe® Certified Creative Professional Web Developer & Print Graphic Designer, he is also an accomplished World renowned Photographer and has been featured on TV in the United States, Canada & Germany.

Born in the UK and now resides in Southern California, were he continues to work in Los Angeles, London and New York. André has become in great demand for his talent. Be it Web Development, Commercial or Fashion Photography.


André has a passion for producing work of the highest standards, this together with his ability to look beyond the basic boundaries, André has gone on to produce some Andre′ Felix & Carrieof the most dynamic web sites & photography campaigns for numerous clients in the USA and Overseas.

André's on-going assignments are quite diverse allowing him to produce some of the most exciting eye-catching images and design's that are guaranteed to leave the viewer with a lasting impression and help increase your footprint & prosperity on the web.

André has published a photography book “Tips & Tricks” for photographers and the photo enthusiast.

Andre is available for University and College speaking engagements presenting the “Story Behind the Picture," his award winning YouTube series, discussing what’s entailed as a working professional photographer that has traveled the globe doing what he enjoys, Making Images.


André Felix is an accomplished Professional Photographer with many years of experiences in the art of taking and processing images.  André is very skilled in a variety of specialized photographic techniques, including macro photography, product photography, live stage music shows & fashion photography with the expertise necessary to direct live model's on any of his photo shoot's.

Barbara Moore-Photography by Andre′ Felix

Web Development

André has a Adobe® certification in Dreamweaver & Flash and has an ongoing education in Adobe® Photoshop & other Adobe Creative Suite Apps.

SEO is not an exact science and there is no one solution that will work all the time. In fact you will have to adjust your SEO to keep up with the ever changing engineering that Google likes to do.

André can offer you a customized websites with Java-script or jquery elements & some degree of flash if needed in the design. Your website can also be set up with online administration and the tools to easily update your site with new content and information. Andre Felix is a Front End Web Developer /coder/Wordpress specialist and is proficient at full-stack development.

Graphic Design

Andre Felix is an expert in the art of selecting and using appropriate fonts in web, books, magazines, newspapers, etc, and is fundamental graphic design skill that is the art and technique of arranging type. 

A logo is a visual representation of everything a company stands for. Ideally, your company logo enhances potential customers and is a crucial first impression of your business. Andre will design your logo and help you to establish your brand identity.

Andre Felix designs websites that represent your company/service/band, etc., with the look that defines who you are.

Public Speaker

Andre’s speaking engagements, in which he presents the “Story Behind the Picture," his award winning YouTube series, and discusses what it means to be a working professional photographer that has traveled the globe doing what he enjoys, Making Images.

Passing the Torch:

André's amazing "Tip & Tricks" book will help you discover how to light your subject and make a great shot look spectacular. André has illustrated simple diagrams on the lighting setups and included some fantastic advise on shooting your latest idea. It's a must have for all aspiring photographers.


If you would like to contact André Felix by phone: 310-869-6231

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