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What can 3 Sunz Consulting and Management do for My Business?

We can help your company build it’s online and offline reputation, increase and maintain your customer base and most importantly, increase your profits. They can also help your brand get connected with blogs, discussions and even video sites. Being social is today’s billboard!

Who needs Social Media Management?

Almost every business. Anyone who has a product or service to sell; from the company that makes guitar picks to strings to guitar straps to amplifiers and everything in between. From the mom and pop operation in Sandusky, Ohio to the high end store on Rodeo Drive. Social media can also be for product launches, new devices and your company news. For most businesses and some unique ideas, social media can work for you.


Once you agree that we will work together, we will first consult with you. We need to know EVERYTHING about your company, your goals and what exactly you want with social media. We listen and learn. We will then give our plan to make your company grow as well as how you can help with it. Each month we ask about how our service is treating you. We want to know what your company will be doing for the next month and in the future months. Our services will change for your plans to benefit your customers! We will also give you some ideas to help your business grow.

Facebook Social Media Management & Marketing

• Setup your Facebook Business Page (including photos, videos, articles and more).
• Write 1 to 4 Facebook posts a day, 7 days a week. More than this looks like spam.
• Links to your website
• Encourage current members to get others to be fans. We can help you make enticing contests.
• Possible replies to your customers.
• Possible monthly detailed reports
Our goal is to have our Facebook management and Facebook Marketing work best for you.

X Social Media Management & Marketing

As your X social media manager we will tweet your business to the next level.
We can…
• Consult to develop the X master plan
• Start a X account including a background design
• Follow people in your customer base (some will in turn follow you back)
• X Marketing (Get your customers to buy!)
• X messages up to 7 days a week.
• Website linking
• Monthly reports
We aim to be the best X management and X marketing you can ask for.

Instagram Social Media Management and Marketing

We will market and make connections so you do not have to.  

As your Instagram social media manager and marketer we can

  • Create a personal profile and a company profile (your picture and logo)
  • Create a group
  • Make 1 to 3 daily posts on your profile.
  • Make updates to your Business Profile
  • Start discussions in groups
  • Anything else you and your company desire

We will be the best Instagram management and Instagram marketing company by making you happy

Email Marketing Management, YouTube and our Other Service

Email is not social media so you may ask why we would manage your emails. We can do this for you because it is another way to connect with your customers. Social media and email marketing is great one-two punch. We do request (require if you do not have an email list) that you do sign up for our favorite email marketing solution in Constant Contact because of the reporting features. You can also opt out of this service.
While social media is on the cutting edge of customer interaction; email is the next best thing. You are still staying connected with your consumers.
We can…

• Consult to develop the master plan
• Develop one email per week (more around special occasions)
• Send out the email to your mailing list                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              • Consult on how you can increase your mailing list

We also offer YouTube and even more types of social media services to keep up with the growing demand of our customers. Let us know what you are interested in using.

Price & Billing

We have several social media management packages with pricing and options to meet your needs. We do not use a cookie cutter approach to your business. We know each company is unique so everyone needs something unique and different. We will provide you with an estimate of the monthly cost to assist you in your decision. Contact us and we can develop an a la carte plan for you tailored to meet your needs.
An invoice will be given to you via email to be paid through PayPal or mail if paying by check. PayPal will be an automatic monthly payment and you can cancel any time.
Let Us Start Your Social Media Campaign Today!
You will get the added benefits of an increase in search rankings. You will have both past and potential customers ready to buy when we launch your creative social media marketing solutions. We put 110% into being the best social media management company. Feel free to call or email us with questions. Please also like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram. We are ready to socialize you!

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